If a doctor orders it, certainly!  Your Timeless Home Care Advisor will coordinate the two disciplines to ensure the patient has time to rest between treatments.  Often a client will be seen by one discipline in the morning, and the other in the afternoon, or the therapists will schedule alternate days.

Some of our clients have both Medicare and Medicaid.  If this is the case, the law requires that Timeless Home Health waive the clients’ co-pay.

Timeless Home Care will initially invoice Medicare for your therapy service.  As a Medicare Part B recipient, our client responsibility is for a 20% co-pay.  Often, this co-pay is paid by a supplemental insurance plan. If the client provides us with the proper information, your Timeless Home Care advisor can assist with should the supplemental insurance carrier regarding their co-pay.

One of our licensed therapists will visit you in your home and conduct a comprehensive evaluation.  The therapist and the physician then discuss an appropriate plan of care.  It is this plan that determines the frequency of treatment and the length of time before the next comprehensive evaluation.  Since no client is exactly alike, both frequency and duration of treatment may vary depending on diagnosis, endurance, and plan of care.

One call to Timeless Home Care is all it takes.  Your Timeless Home Care Advisor acts as the client advocate and liaison between the agency, physician, clients, and their families.  Just give our office a call at 954-367-3816 and we would be happy to help get you started.

Prospective clients at Timeless Home Care must have Medicare Part B benefits.  While most Medicare subscribers have both Part A and B benefits, we can assist you with verification of your Part B coverage.

Once your Part B verification is complete, a prescription for services is obtained from a physician you have seen in the past 30 days. Timeless Home Care will assist prospective clients in obtaining this prescription if necessary.